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WATCH: The World’s Most Misrepresented Food

on a mission

Bonnie & Israel Morales created Portland's Kachka with a mission: to preserve and share the truth behind the foods of the former Soviet Union. No, they are not uniformly dull, bland, heavy. They can be flavorful, fresh, seasonal, surprising. "They use cilantro!" as Israel likes to remind us. We sat down with the couple to talk about Kachka's mission – and their upcoming trip with us.

Rep. of Georgia with Kachka

October 14-20, 2019

We’re going to one of Europe’s rising new destinations with the couple behind Portland’s Kachka, Bonnie and Israel Morales. Just in time for wine harvest in one of the world’s oldest wine-producing regions. We’ll stomp grapes, like in “I Love Lucy,” climb Caucuses mountains to high-up monasteries, stroll Tbilisi’s cobbled streets, and learn from local chefs how to make dumplings and Georgia’s unforgettable khachapuri (cheese bread).

Get more information and book here, but hurry, this trip will definitely sell out.