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Save the Date | Departing Fall 2019

3 Reasons to Travel with Elias Cairo

A gentle hunter with a heart of gold, Elias is the sly genius behind all of your favorite charcuterie. His passion for meat began at a tender age, learning how to craft meat by his father’s side and mastered during his apprenticeship in the Swiss Alps, under Swiss master chef Annegret Schlumpf. In 2009 Elias opened Portland’s iconic Olympia Provisions; today Elias is one of the top charcuterie experts in the Pacific Northwest. He’s been a hunter, provider and friend of the land ever since, the kind of man that reveres every piece of meat he touches.

He's a master craftsman

No shortcuts here. Elias believes that the best kind of meat comes with love, care and respect for the animal. He’s also the keeper of highly prized salumist secrets, bringing old world techniques to the craft of modern charcuterie.

He loves to learn

Elias wants to know it all - from understanding the nuances of how to hunt, butcher and prepare an animal to experimenting with new curing techniques. Every idea is a potential lesson waiting to be explored. It’s a lifelong pursuit of knowledge we can’t help but admire.

He's a traveler (and a storyteller)

Elias has been just about everywhere. He's led the adventurous kind of life that lends itself to gripping stories. His colorful experiences have shaped his character as an artisan, making him the kind of guy we love to have a pint with.

3 Reasons to Travel
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Getting Swisslicious

Swiss cuisine is more than milk chocolate. We'll explore its diversity and fresh flavors by visiting local butchers, foraging forests, visiting cheese farms. Plus Jessica Hereth (Olympia Provisions' sommelier – and one of Food & Wine's sommelier of the year) will be joining us to taste Rhine Valley wines!

How We Travel Matters

We believe that exploration and discovery are essential elements of the human experience. We enable travel that serves as a force for good in our lives, and in the lives of the people and places we visit.

Traditions Galore

The Swiss Schwenker isn't just fun to say, but is something of the "tailgate" party of the Alps. It's a grand, outdoor local feast of a medley of meats cooked over traditional grills. Elias will show us how it's done.

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