Santa Fe with Jessica Silverman

Save the Date | Departing November 2020

3 Reasons to Travel with Jessica Silverman

Jessica Silverman founded her namesake San Francisco gallery 10 years ago. Maintaining a gallery is no easy task, and Jessica has beat all odds and made it flourish, attracting international attention and showcasing some of the most influential young artists today. If you love art, Jessica is the person to experience it with.

She's About Community

To Jessica, art is a study of relationships and community. She works to support artists of all ages, working in all mediums, and makes sure their voices are heard.

She's Committed

People told Jessica she was crazy to open a gallery. But she trusted her instincts and stuck it out. She's all in to help up-and-coming artists achieve international reach.

Artistic Perspective

When most children were coloring in Crayon, Jessica was admiring her grandparents’ art collection—which now resides at MoMa. Art is a part of Jessica like paint on a palette.

3 Reasons to Travel with
Modern Adventure

American Southwest

“All the earth’s colors are there in many miles of badlands.” They don’t call New Mexico the land of Enchantment ironically. It’s a vast and marvelous landscape of desert bliss.

How We Travel Matters

Modern Adventure is a proud Certified B Corporation. The cost of your trip has a direct positive impact on the people and places we visit.

Desert Art

New Mexico is the heart and soul of so many artists and artisans. The city of Santa Fe seems like it was molded from the earth itself, both stuck in time and a source of endless inspiration.

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