Piedmont with Giorgio Rapicavoli

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3 Reasons to Travel with Giorgio Rapicavoli

Giorgio Rapicavoli is young, talented, motivated, speaks Italian—pretty much the whole package. The Miami chef has won Chopped, is a two-time James Beard Award semi-finalist and made Forbes’ “30 Under 30 List.” He’s been labeled “Miami’s Hottest Chef” for his two restaurants, Eating House and Glass & Vine. Spending half his life in Italy’s Piedmont region, he’s dreamed of showing his second home to the world. He’s obsessed. And we can’t wait to see it through his eyes.

In the Family

Giorgio’s Italian mom taught him how to make Sunday sauce—that authentic, meaty gravy who’s best buddies with spaghetti and meatballs. Meanwhile, his dad is from Argentina, home of seared steaks and rich wines... all the components of the perfect meal.

Culinary Wizardry

At just 26, Giorgio won Chopped and impressed a judge so much that Giorgio was asked to come to New York to be chef de cuisine at their restaurant. Instead, Giorgio put his $10,000 prize money to work in Miami and started his own.

Elevated Stoner Food

This is the description of Giorgio’s restaurant, Eating House, where he serves up a brunch lauded for Tang mimosas and Captain Crunch pancakes. Keep in mind he’s cooked for Bill Clinton, Michael Jordan and Sammy Sosa—so, put emphasis on “elevated.”

3 Reasons to Travel with
Modern Adventure

Slow Food

The Slow Food movement is to Piedmont what barbecue is to Kansas City. This global philosophy of “good, clean and fair” food has its origins in Bra, Piedmont, where they still champion quality and healthy food production and the environment.

How We Travel Matters

Modern Adventure is a proud Certified B Corporation. The cost of your trip has a direct positive impact on the people and places we visit.

Astonishing & Dynamic

Aside from wine and cheese—if you really need to explore any further—Piedmont is a bounty of elegant scenery and regal history. Find French influences, Alpine peaks, shady piazzas and winding country roads. This is Italian an experience unto itself.

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