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3 Reasons to Travel with the 'Oregon Originals'

Second Generation Vintners (2GV) is a collaboration between the siblings of Elk Cove, Ponzi and Sokol Blosser, three of the 'Oregon Original' wineries established in the early 1970s—and the only three original Willamette Valley wineries still owned by the founding families. This second generation of vintners—Alison and Alex Blosser, Anna Maria and Luisa Ponzi, Adam and Anna Campbell—have embraced the collaborative and pioneering spirits of their parents. We're honored to experience the best of Oregon in such fine company.

Elk Cove

The Campbell siblings—head winemaker Adam Campbell and creative director Anna Campbell—translate their passion and lives among the vines into the outstanding Pinot noirs and cool-climate white wines that make Elk Cove famous.


Nearly 50 years after their parents started, Maria and Luisa Ponzi are driven by the idea that the varietal must match the terroir and climate. Ponzi sets the bar for Willamette Valley wines in so many ways.

Sokol Blosser

Alison and Alex Blosser carry their parents' drive and spirit, creating sustainable, organic, world-class wines that express the distinctive flavors of their hillside vineyards. Sokol Blosser is more than a glass of wine: It’s a sense of place.

3 Reasons to Travel with
Modern Adventure

Best of Oregon

Our hosts are the Sokol Blosser, Ponzi and Campbell siblings, and we'll experience the best of Oregon's Wine Country with them before adventuring out to the Oregon Coast, Portland and beyond. If you love fine wine, amazing food, and incredible scenery, this trip is for you.

How We Travel Matters

Setting the standard for Oregon wine means being at the forefront of sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. We see travel around the world as a force for good, and this responsibility starts in our own backyard.

Family Pride

The 'Oregon Originals' siblings have a shared experience from life on the vineyards. They all remember thinking their parents were crazy and that they’d leave the Valley, but were always drawn back. They are shining examples of putting family first, and we couldn’t be more inspired.

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