Oaxaca with Cheetie Kumar

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3 Reasons to Travel with Cheetie Kumar

Cheetie can rock it in the kitchen. The award-winning chef is completely self taught, having studied the craft of cooking while pursuing her career as a guitarist. These days, she creates harmony in her North Carolina restaurant, Garland, with flavors inspired by her Indian heritage. Her joyful flair makes her the perfect companion to explore vibrant Oaxaca and the cross-over of Indian and Mexican flavors.

She's a Rockstar

Yes, really. Though Cheetie has embraced her culinary career, she still plays guitar opposite her husband in their rock band, Birds of Avalon. She also owns a music venue adjacent to the restaurant, making it easy to switch between tunes and cooking.

She Blurs Borders

Cheetie grew up in India, and her cooking is largely inspired by her heritage. She uses traditional techniques learned from her mother, adding a distinct, soulful Southern flair to her own dishes.

Her Cuisine Connects

Cheetie is inspired by the food she cooks and loves supporting local farmers. She believes good cuisine is about connection, and many of the ingredients she purchases in Raleigh remind her of what her mother would purchase in India.

3 Reasons to Travel with
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Savor the Sabor

Dig into Mexico's best barbecued meats, smoky mezcals, the freshest masa and mouth-watering moles. Oaxaca is never short on flavor.

How We Travel Matters

Modern Adventure is a proud Certified B Corporation. The cost of your trip has a direct positive impact on the people and places we visit.

Craft & Culture

We’ll visit local artist studios and nearby villages known for their own generations-old techniques. From weaving to shamanic rituals to Zapotec cooking, it’s easy to fall in love everything Oaxaca.

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