Japan with Mark Bitterman

Save the Date | Departing November 2020

3 Reasons to Travel with Mark Bitterman

Mark is a self-proclaimed “selmelier,” a James Beard Award-winning writer and leading expert on culinary salts. Yes, that is a thing, and he is it. Mark is also founder of The Meadow, a go-to for craft salts, chocolate and handmade bitters operating across four locations, three cities and two continents. Mark is always on the hunt for more of that tasty NaCl. Plus, he’s a world traveler who’s hungry to explore Japan with us!

Global Knowledge

Before opening The Meadow and writing a whopping five books on our friendly sodium chloride, Mark spent two decades traveling through Europe. He lived in France, restored a chateau and met top chefs who instilled in him a love of salt that obviously never went away.

He's a Food Hero

At least Cooking Light thinks so. He’s also been named a Tastemaker in Food & Wine, and has been featured in The New York Times, The Atlantic, Esquire, and on All Things Considered, Bizarre Foods, History Channel and more. People want to know what he has to say about salt!

Sense of Place

Mark loves Japan—one of The Meadow’s four locations happens to be in Shinjuku, Tokyo. And Japan loves salt. Mark’s excited to explore the elemental side of Japan from salt to the aromatics. And he’s the guy to do it with.

3 Reasons to Travel with
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Feel Everything

Get ready to immerse yourself in Japan from ancient history to kinetic and teeming modern streets. It’s a place where old and new sit side by side in harmony, where heritage is honored and innovation is everywhere. Join us!

How We Travel Matters

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Elemental Experience

The most incredible thing about Japanese cuisine is what goes into it. From the tradition to the preparation to the elemental ingredients themselves, Japanese food is an exploration of place, soul and flavor itself. Get ready to try everything!

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