Charles Bililies & Tony Cervone of Souvla


3 Reasons to Travel with Charles & Tony

The dream team behind San Francisco’s award-winning Souvla single-handedly transported an old-school Greek souvlaki tavern—where juicy, spit-fired meats reign supreme—to America. That's how you earn fans like Michelle Obama (who once placed a to-go order for a flight back to DC). Charles' and Tony's restaurants have proven so successful, they’ve pioneered a new dining concept, "smart-casual," with Bon Appétit dubbing Charles as “the Mark Zuckerberg of fast fine restaurants.” Now the dynamic duo are headed to Charles’s ancestral homeland to source the best olive oils, cheeses, and wines. Join us for a week of inspired adventure and old-fashioned Greek hospitality.

They’re Trend-Setters

Lines form around the block for Souvla's parsley-flecked potatoes dressed with rotisserie drippings and their frozen soft-serve Greek yogurt topped with crumbled baklava. Charles and Tony know how to take a beloved classic to the next level—and make it part of the zeitgeist.

Hospitality Is Life

Hospitality runs in Charles’s Greek family, and many of Souvla’s design elements, from worry beads to coffee cups, hail from his grandfather’s mid-century restaurant in Greece. Fittingly for people who bring warmth and authenticity to everything they touch, the duo’s mantra, in the kitchen and beyond, is “Make it nice, and be nice.”

They ❤️ Greek Wine

Every beverage at Souvla, down to iced tea and sparkling water, hails from Greece, but it’s Greek wines that are Charles' and Tony’s true passion. There’s no better company for learning the finer points of Moscofilero vs Assyritiko, or discovering the joys of modern-day Retsina wine-making traditions, as you sip your way through Santorini and beyond with expert Greek wine connoisseurs by your side.

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