Australia with Lacey Stone

Save the Date | Departing Spring 2020

3 Reasons to Travel with Lacey Stone

Lacey Stone is literally amazing. Her enthusiasm for life is contagious. Her ability to harness the power of fitness to help us be our best selves is nothing short of extraordinary. Last year we traveled with Lacey on a Modern Adventure in Greece, and started planning this next adventure while we were still there! Lacey is our favorite self-love warrior, a workout goddess that lives to spread joy wherever she goes with a genuine passion.

She Cares

She’s your best friend cheering from the top of the bleachers, the Thelma to your Louise driving the getaway car, the voice in your head that whispers “keep going” when your body grow tired.

She's Inspiring

Lacey is tough as nails and worked hard to get to where she is. But her empathy, her positivity and her radiant optimism is always present and deeply felt. She tells her students anything is possible and she’ll never let them—or you!—down.

She's Seriously Fun

She’ll turn a blase walk into a sunshine-fueled excursion or a simple bike ride into a full-blown dance party. Lacey’s superpower is finding fun wherever she goes. Traveling with her is always an adventure in the very best sense.

3 Reasons to Travel with
Modern Adventure


Our first all-women’s trip with Lacey was a chance for her and her fellow travelers to bond and foster lifelong friendships. We believe experiences are made by the people on them.

How We Travel Matters

As a company with B Corps pending status, we enable travel that serves as a force for good in our lives, and in the lives of the people and places we visit.


Australia has one of the highest life expectancies, a diverse culture and climate geared toward health and wellness. We share their message of positivity and fitness.

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