Oaxaca with Alba Huerta

Save the Date | Departing Spring 2020

Why We Love Alba Huerta

Alba is one-of-a-kind: a celebrated Mexican-American mixologist who puts the wonder of the world behind every drink she pours. Her Houston bars, bourbon-centric Julep and the mezcaleria Pastry War, have won her nationwide acclaim including one of Food & Wine's top ten mixologists. Alba's creativity and dedication to her craft means she creates cocktails that appeal to all the senses. Best of all she's funny, personable, easy going, and shares all she knows. Put simply, she's our favorite person to share a cocktail with.

She's always exploring

Alba finds creativity in any place she finds herself. “I’ve always been an experiential learner,” she says. “That creative muscle is something I learned from being an immigrant, to be constantly influenced by new surroundings.”

She never settles

Alba loves playing the apprentice in everything she does. “I have no desire to cross the finish line,” she says. “I want to keep learning.” Be it bartending, mixology, running a bar, writing a book or – next up – creating perfume.

She's a storyteller

Ask Alba the story behind a drink, say, her Morning Call, and get ready for a lesson delivered in cinematic scope. This tequila drink connects Civil War history in Juarez with a Madrid hibiscus tonic she replicated back home and – of course – a spoonful of mezcal. “It turned out spectacularly.”

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Mixin' it up

In the heart of Mexico’s mezcal country, we’ll experience the full journey of the region's legendary artisanal spirit – from the roots of the agave plant to bars of hip lounges in town – and we'll get a private mixology class from Alba.

How We Travel Matters

Oaxaca’s connection to the land is seen everywhere, from locally sourced ingredients found in fine restaurants and street food vendors. We work with local businesses focused on sustainability and keeping money with local communities.

Feel Oaxaca's soul

Alba says the soul of Oaxaca is its enduring connection to earth. We’ll experience that in art villages we visit in the mountains and, especially, timeless pre-Hispanic ruins. “It’s a game changer,” Alba coos. “They’re so visually stunning, so romantic to experience…”

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