Peru with Ricardo Zarate

August 13 - 20, 2024 | One Exclusive Departure

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Heart & Soul of Peru

A weeklong celebration of Peru with Ricardo Zarate

August 13 - 20, 2024

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8 Days, 7 Nights

Best of Lima, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Cusco

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You’re deep in the Andes, harvesting a bounty of fresh beans and añu root to cook in the earth with smoke-perfumed meat. Beside you, a villager explains pachamanca—this flavorful celebration of an Incan Earth goddess and its importance to indigenous communities, to the cycles of life and to everything around you. This ritual is a celebration of life, and a magical moment in a week overflowing with experiences you’ll never forget: climbing up a misty Andean peak on the iconic Inca Trail, sunrise over a ‘lost’ 15th-century city hemmed in by forest-clad mountains, and an outdoor banquet in one of the world’s most beautiful places. This is the true Peru, full of flavor and epic adventure,

The prolific poster child of modern Peruvian cuisine, Lima-born Ricardo Zarate is the mastermind behind a string of buzzworthy restaurants, including the prestigious Rosaliné in L.A.’s West Hollywood; Picca in Beverly Hills; and the brand new Colibrí in Hollywood. Fueled by his own passion and recognition from the likes of the Michelin Guide and the James Beard Foundation — Ricardo has received four nominations — he is eager to share the multidimensionality of Peru’s rich culinary traditions with us.

If you want to explore the heights of the Andes and experience true local culture and cuisine, this trip is for you. Explore artsy Lima, taste and cook traditional Peruvian cuisine, hike the Inca Trail and experience sunrise over Machu Picchu alongside Ricardo Zarate.


The artsy capital of Lima, Cusco and Machu Picchu, indigenous street food and hip local barrios


Your senses with Andes hikes, in Sacred Valley villages, up into the sheer audaciousness of Machu Picchu


Rich Peruvian flavors, colorful street food and farm-to-table meals


Ancient Incan culture, local weavers and chefs, Peru's ancient traditions with Ricardo Zarate

3 Reasons to Travel with Ricardo Zarate

Though he’s accrued a trophy case of prestigious awards—including Food & Wine Magazine’s “Best New Chef”—Ricardo prides himself on coming from humble origins. His childhood home in Lima is a constant source of inspiration for all his endeavors—from his heralded cookbook, "The Fire of Peru" to his newest restaurant, Colibrí. We can't wait to explore Peru alongside its native son.

Family First

Born one of 13, he grew up alongside the constant simmer of pots on the stove and the comforting cacophony of family dinners. Often his mother's only helper, it’s no wonder that, for Ricardo, food is community.

A Lesson in Every Dish

Steeped in millenia of timeless traditions and storied lore, Peruvian cuisine is history, embodied. Ricardo’s innovative menus reflect the multifaceted tapestry of Peru’s gastronomical legacy, and pay homage to the countless cultures fundamental in its formation.

Straight Out of Lima

Though shy at first, Ricardo is a storyteller at his core. Born and raised in Lima and dubbed "the Godfather of Peruvian Cuisine" by legendary LA Times food critic, Jonathan Gold, he's immensely proud of his heritage and cannot wait to show the world his hometown.

Your Experience

“There’s an energy of spirituality in Peru and a connection to Pachamama, the mother earth.”
Ricardo Zarate

Lima, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Cusco

“I’m fascinated by the journey of Peruvian cuisine, and how the influence of history has shaped our ingredients.”
Ricardo Zarate

Day by Day

Day 1

Bienvenidos a Peru! Because Lima has become a global culinary hotspot, we begin by exploring the city markets to take in its colors, sounds and smells. With Ricardo leading the charge—he was born and raised here and has a few stories to tell—our informal tour will pivot towards art and architecture; from the lively buzz of Barranco to neocolonial gems like the Presidential Palace, we’ll soak up layers of history and inspiration.

Our welcome dinner this evening is nuanced as the city itself. We’ll indulge in Nikkei, a Japanese Peruvian style of cooking that emerged in Lima during the late 19th century and his since evolved into its own original cuisine. Over five courses of dishes like chirashi con choclo and jalea, we’ll raise a toast to the week of discovery ahead.   

Day 1 Highlights

  • Art and architecture tour
  • Welcome dinner
  • Stay at Hotel B

Day 2

We begin bright and early with an immersive tour of Surquillo market; it’s a kaleidoscope of fresh produce and local crafts and a firsthand look at the ingredients we’ll be eating for the rest of the day.

Armed with stalks of healthy produce and fresh fish, we’ll trade the streets for a private kitchen and participate in a hands-on cooking class. Alongside Ricardo, we’ll lean deep into Peruvian culinary tradition and try our hand at local classics like ceviche.

Dinner tonight is a little unusual and a whole lot of fun. We’ll zigzag through downtown and partake in a 5-stop geographic food tour. An ode to its Peruvian origin story, every dish will derive from a specific region of the country; it’s a true feast of the senses and a shining example of biodiversity.

The rest of the evening is yours to embellish. Some of us may meander back to our hotel for a long slumber, while others may join Ricardo for a nightcap at a few of his favorite haunts.

Day 2 Highlights

  • Market tour
  • Hands on cooking class
  • Geographic food tour
  • Stay at Hotel B

Day 3

Today we move into the Andes! After a quick flight to Cusco, we ride into the Sacred Valley to Chinchero for a weaving demonstration. Alongside local master artisans, we’ll not only learn about the vibrant dyes that define Andean clothing but we’ll be shown how to warp, weave, and even how to execute the ñawi awapa border technique.

Our next stop is a truly extraordinary experience. We’ll visit Ricardo’s good friend, Manuel Choqque, a fourth-generation potato farmer and expert on Peruvian tubers—did you know the first potatoes can be traced to the Peruvian Andes in 6000 BC, and they didn’t arrive in Europe  or North America until the 1500s?

Manuel will introduce us to the indigenous Huayllafara community and its connection to Pachamama (Mother Earth). We’ll also be invited to harvest our own Andean ingredients—potatoes and oca, añu root and quinoa—to use in this afternoon’s traditional pachamanca meal; our bounty will be placed in a pit barbecue where hot stones will cook everything to charred and caramelized perfection. After a blessing from a local shaman, we’ll feast like locals—casual, fun, authentic, delicious.

As the afternoon fades into evening, we’ll make our way to the hotel for some deserved rest. Dinner is mere steps away at the hotel’s organic kitchen.

Day 3 Highlights

  • Weaving demonstration
  • Pachamanca lunch
  • Dinner at hotel
  • Stay at Sol y Luna

Day 4

We’re getting deeper into the roots of one of the greatest empires in history. We start at Maras salt flats, a vast landscape of salt-evaporation ponds in use since pre-Incan times. Nearby, we’ll see the circular terraces of Moray, an amphitheater of agriculture with its own prehistoric irrigation system. Our host is from famed MIL Centro restaurant, owned by rockstar Peruvian chef Virgilio Martínez. They’ll share how these deep-rooted Incan traditions influence and inspire their modern cuisine.

But we won’t just talk about it—we’ll experience it first-hand. At MIL Centro in Maras, we’ll be treated to an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind meal. It’s a storybook—actually, more like an encyclopedia—with eight courses, each representing an ecosystem of elevation used in their authentic, intense and fiercely local cooking.

After ample time to digest and relax, we’ll convene once again for a truly special dining experience. Not only have we been invited by the Orihuela family to view their private art collection—from ceramic bulls and ancient textiles to Inca weaponry and ceremonial vessels—we’ll also be guests for dinner. It’s certainly a unique atmosphere, and it feels like dining inside a museum.

Day 4 Highlights

  • Tour of salt flats
  • Lunch at MIL
  • Dinner at Casa Hacienda Orihuela
  • Stay at Sol y Luna

Day 5

Today we head to nearby Ollaytaytambo and board a train to Aguas Calientes. We can ride all the way there—or, if you’re up for the adventure, arrive by foot via an awe-inspiring, 11-kilometer (6.8-mile) hike on the Inca Trail! We pass over suspension bridges, through jungle and by amazing archaeological sites like Chachabamba and Winaywayna before reaching the last climb: up steep, narrow stone steps that lead to our first look at Machu Picchu, spilling down almost impossibly over a mountainside.

Walking through the Sun Gate, Intipunku, is the absolute best way to see this marvel for the first time. After a long trek, we’ll be able to put our feet up and relax in luxury at the hotel, Machu Picchu on our minds for the evening.

Day 5 Highlights

  • Train to Inca Trail
  • Hike Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
  • Stay at Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel

Day 6

We’re not done with Machu Picchu yet! After a delicious breakfast, we’ll head back to see the clouds lift to reveal the scale and sheer audacity of a ridge-top site built between towering peaks. We’ll dive deeper on a spellbinding walk through ruin-filled terraces and ancient terrain.

Our lunch unfolds in the shadow of the lost city at Belmond Sanctuary. Look out for exotic butterflies and giant hummingbirds between sumptuous bites of some of the best elevated fusion in the valley.

This afternoon, we train back to Cusco to shop or take advantage of our beautiful hotel—whether that’s enjoying the spa, soaking in the pools or wandering the well-kept gardens and cozy reading rooms to relax with a drink.

Day 6 Highlights

  • Dawn visit to Machu Picchu
  • Lunch at Belmond Sanctuary
  • Stay at El Monasterio

Day 7

We’ve been busy explorers, so today is a leisurely introduction to Cusco, ancient capital of the Incan empire. Here, sleek and modern eateries fit neatly into weathered Spanish-colonial buildings, while locals in indigenous clothing sell traditional crafts and produce. It’s a lively place, where past and present lives in harmony (except for when a llama holds up traffic).

We’ll get to know Cusco— its iconic streets like Hatunrumiyoc, a road lined in stone and draped in vibrant textiles, Coricancha, the spiritual center of the Inca Empire, and of course its renowned Cathedral. As our stomachs start to rumble, we’ll take a table at the Map Cafe. This is quintessential Cusco cuisine—fresh, sophisticated and unlike anything you’ve tried before. 

Next, we’ll take the afternoon to rest as our last night in Peru is simply amazing. We’ll follow Ricardo to the outskirts of the city for an unforgettable banquet of food, wine and music. Seated outdoors in rustic elegance, we’ll be treated to a menu cooked and curated by Ricardo—every dish an ode to this epic week of exploration.

Day 7 Highlights

  • Walking exploration of Cusco sites
  • Lunch at MAP
  • Farewell dinner with Ricardo
  • Stay at El Monasterio

Day 8

Today we say our goodbyes. We’ll freshen up before heading wherever our journeys take us next—home or beyond—with Peru in our hearts forever. Buen viaje!

Day 8 Highlights

  • Transfer to Cusco airport

Where We Sleep

Our accommodations reflect the beauty and grace of Peru, setting the tone for our week of inspired exploration.

AC Hotel Lima Miraflores


Tucked snugly against miles of rocky coastline and Larcomar, Lima’s swankiest shopping venue, this sleek urban sanctuary is a symphony of cutting-edge design and vibrant local luxury. Expansive rooms offer birds-eye views of the crashing waves below, while the elegant dining lounge comes fully equipped with a curated spread of just-baked tarts, artisanal prosciutto, and exquisitely aged Manchego each morning.

Hacienda Urubamba

The Sacred Valley

Tucked away in the countryside between Cusco and Machu Picchu, this five-star hacienda-style getaway is the perfect waypost for our journey. Serenity abounds throughout the 100-acre property’s open spaces, 10-acre “earth-to-table” plantation where you can pick your own produce, local and traditional style and modern comforts. This is Sacred Valley living.

Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel

Aguas Calientes

Deep within the cloud forest, stone pathways wind through terraced hills, connecting charming whitewashed casitas to over 12 acres of exquisite natural beauty. Golden-headed quetzals soar overhead as you breathe in the perfumed air of the world’s largest native orchid collection, while unrivaled views of the Vilcanota River await you in Inkaterra’s stately glass dining room.

Aranwa Cusco


Cusco is a dream of storied traditions and unmatched culture, and this historic Cusco estate is no exception. Impeccably restored with sleek Scottish showers and whirlpool tubs, the colonial-style mansion still brims with soulful character and old-world charm. Inside, original oils and 16th-century sculptures bedeck elegant halls, while ancient flavors and hyperlocal ingredients come to life in Aranwa’s courtyard restaurant.

I formed bonds in unexpected ways with so many different people.
Brianna S.
I would do exactly the same trip again!
Julia C.
I loved having so many opportunities to explore Peruvian culture and the landscape.
Sue S.

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