Rome & Sicily with Anthony Falco

September 14 — 23, 2024 | One Exclusive Departure

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Italy's Heart & Soul

The ultimate culinary & cultural deep-dive with Anthony Falco

September 14 - 23, 2024

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10 Days, 9 Nights

The very best of Rome and Sicily, from Taormina and Mt Etna and Palermo

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You haven’t even reached the secondi, and already the table brims with food. Before you, chilled bottles of natural wine vie for space between plates of handmade bucatini and lasagnetta stippled with porcini and herbs. You would have never guessed such a feast awaited inside this family-run osteria, but here in Italy, magic resides in the most unassuming of places. All week has been a celebration of the country’s time-honored flavors and impeccable craft. You’ve shared stories and laughed alongside Sicilian cheesemakers, savored impeccable wines from the slopes of Mount Etna and dined on the freshest, just-caught seafood in Catania. This is Italy like you’ve always dreamed of, an experience made richer by the kindred spirits at the table and the company of a humble artisan at the pinnacle of his craft.

Joining us on this incredible journey is the one and only Anthony Falco, the former “Pizza Czar” of Brooklyn’s Roberta’s and the mastermind behind some of the world’s most iconic pizza joints. As a restaurant consultant, Anthony’s helped build pizza programs in more than 20 different countries, bringing his passion for natural fermentation and artisanal ingredients to kitchens across the globe. His favorite destination of all? Italy, of course. Anthony’s family hails from Sicily and many of the chefs, artisans, and producers there are his closest friends and relatives. To travel with him here is to travel with family; intimate and profoundly personal.

If you like your food and culture layered over thousands of years of history, this trip is for you. From the buzz of Rome’s markets to starlit nights in the shadow of Mt. Etna, serene al fresco picnics to lively pizza dinners, we’ll explore Rome and Sicily from every angle, tasting everything as we go.

Go Deeper

With local winemakers, artists, and chefs in the heart of Rome and the backroads of Sicily


Ancient Greek ruins, medieval villages, breezy olive groves, and heritage vines


World-class wines, delicate pastas, and the freshest seafood—we’ll try it all!


In the finest accommodations—palatial hotels and noble rural villas, all perfectly located

3 Reasons to Travel with Anthony Falco

There is nobody who knows pizza quite like Anthony Falco. The former “Pizza Czar” of Brooklyn's Roberta’s now operates a wildly successful restaurant consulting business, helping to grow cutting-edge pizza programs from the ground up in more than 20 countries. He's also sort of the person to travel with in Italy. From his longtime amici Marco in Rome to his cousin Veronica in Sicily, many of the country’s up-and-coming artisans and producers are Anthony's closest friends and relatives.

Driven to Create

Art is a major part of Anthony’s life. He once described his desire to create as a “compulsion,” and you’ll even find a few of his illustrations gracing the pages of Pizza Czar, his award-winning cookbook.

Zest for History

Anthony devours history books, trying to learn as much about the places he visits as he can. His passion for the past extends to food as well—he’s fascinated by ancient ingredients and traditions.

Uplifting Craft

Anthony’s built his career on a deep respect for artisanal craftsmanship. When sourcing ingredients like flour and mozzarella for clients, he opts for small operations that do things the hard (read: sustainable) way.

Your Experience

“I love Rome’s unorthodox pizza styles which are often more daring than Naples. ”
Anthony Falco

Rome, Taormina, Agrigento, Palermo

“Sicily and Italy are all about the intersection of past and present.”
Anthony Falco

Day by Day

Day 1: Rome

Benvenuto in Italia! Our adventure through the world’s premier culinary destination begins in Rome, the buzzing Italian capital that dazzles with art, history, and culture.  

We’ll ease into our first day with an unhurried afternoon at the hotel, taking a pause to refresh and get settled after our long transatlantic journeys. Nestled within one of Rome’s most enviable neighborhoods, the Sina Bernini is an exquisite ode to the city’s timeless luxury. It’s also the backdrop for our first bites of the trip—over drinks and plenty of bright, local fare, we’ll gather here for a welcome aperitivo and learn more about Anthony and his profound connections to Rome and Sicily. 

Day 1: Rome Highlights

  • Transfers from airport
  • Welcome reception 
  • Stay at Sina Bernini

Day 2: Rome

This morning, we’re diving right into the heart of Rome with a foodie tour of Trastevere, one of its most treasured neighborhoods. As we meander through the former Jewish ghetto and its iconic monuments, we’ll slip into side streets to sample sour cherry tarts from working-class bakeries, fresh salami and cheese from local delis, and glistening carbonara from fabled stalls and markets. Every dish has a story attached, and we’ll look to Anthony and our expert guide to fill in the blanks between bites of the city’s finest. Just in case we’re still hungry, we’ll belly up to a local trattoria to officially sate our appetites.

We’ll have time to relax back at our hotel before meeting up for quintessential Roman dinner—think elevated Italian classics in a raucous family-run restaurant.  

Still glowing from our exquisite meal, we end the day with the ultimate when-in-Rome adventure: zipping around the city in classic, candy-colored Fiat 500s. Some three million of these iconic little beauties were produced between 1957 and 1975, and nothing could be more quintessentially la dolce vita than this very special nighttime excursion.

Day 2: Rome Highlights

  • Roman foodie tour
  • Dinner at Rimessa Roscioli
  • Fiat 500 night tour
  • Stay at Sina Bernini

Day 3: Rome

This morning, we embark on a sensory journey through the eternal city while experiencing the capital’s most storied attractions. As we navigate the winding alleys of ancient Rome, we’ll follow the plot of the famous film, La Dolce Vita (make sure to watch it before you arrive!) and immerse ourselves in the history of the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, and Stadium of Domitian.

Appetites piqued, we’ll dive into two of Italy’s greatest culinary gifts: pizza and gelato. We’ll tackle gelato first, hands-on, learning every step in the process from sourcing ingredients to mixing techniques. While our gelato sets in the freezer, we’ll turn to pizza, crafting and rolling out our own dough and selecting just the right toppings: perhaps a mix of zucchini blossoms and artichoke, or spicy salami and Sicilian peppers — or whatever fresh, delicious ingredients capture our imagination.

The afternoon is ours to explore Rome’s backstreets and caffè-lined squares before we saunter off to dinner at Osteria Lotto, a cozy eatery that’s a favorite among locals—and Anthony—for an intimate meal alongside a special guest. It’s a sumptuous feast so fresh and flavorful it feels like poetry. 

Day 3: Rome Highlights

  • La Dolce Vita walking tour
  • Hands-on pizza and gelato lunch
  • Dinner at Osteria Lotto
  • Stay at Sina Bernini

Day 4: Rome to Sicily

We’ll be up bright and early this morning for the short flight to Sicily, landing in Catania on the island’s east coast. Though Anthony was born in Texas, his family hails from Sicily and the island is filled with his closest friends and family. 

We’ll head straight to the fish market, where fishmongers hawk the freshest catch of the day from the Ionian Sea. Here, Anthony will haggle for ingredients to take to our next stop, a beloved local eatery where Anthony and the chef will prepare our seafood lunch with an emphasis on classic Sicilian flavors.

In the afternoon, we’re off to Taormina, pearl of the Mediterranean, to explore on foot starting with its ancient Greek amphitheater, overhanging the crashing surf below. From our perch at arguably the world’s most famous outdoor theater, the views of the bay of Giardini Naxos to the south, and mainland Italy to the north, are spectacular. We’ll take some free time to get to know the town, even pausing for an espresso at one of Taormina’s vibrant squares.

As dusk descends, we’ll check into our hotel, nestled among the foothills of Mount Etna. Dinner is both casual and exquisite. Every single dish on the menu, from the wild fennel risotto to the rabbit, features ingredients from the property’s abundant gardens.

Day 4: Rome to Sicily Highlights

  • Flight to Catania
  • Fish market tour
  • Walking tour of Taormina
  • Stay at Monaci Della Terre Nerre

Day 5: Mt Etna & Around

After breakfast we’ll head out to visit majestic Mount Etna, an active volcano that towers almost 11,000 feet over the island—and occasionally glows red with lava! We’ll meet a local shepherd and sample his homemade ricotta, then head to one of the area’s vineyards, I Custodi delle Vigni. Anthony is a longtime fan of the wines produced here, on the slopes of Mt Etna, once Sicily’s most important wine-producing region. Heritage vines clamber up the volcano’s slopes to an altitude of over 3,000 feet, producing delicate whites and intense, fruit-forward rosés and reds.

Following our tasting, we’ll sit down to a family-style lunch under the benevolent eye of Le Mamme del Borgo, a collective of local grandmothers who will teach us how to knead the ancient flours into a supple pasta dough for our maccarruni, a typical Sicilian pasta that’s traditionally rolled by hand and served in a wild boar sauce. As the finishing touch to our handmade feast, Anthony’s expertly grilled a spread of local meats over an open fire and we’ll savor the exquisite combination of maccarruni and BBQ alongside our new nonna friends.

Day 5: Mt Etna & Around Highlights

  • Mt Etna cheese & wine tastings
  • Pasta workshop
  • Open air lunch
  • Stay at Monaci Della Terre Nerre

Day 6: Valley of the Temples

Our next stop is scintillating Agrigento. This former Greek colony was established in the 6th century BC and was a leading city-state in the Mediterranean world. Agrigento’s magnificent Doric temples dominate the ancient town, much of which still lies intact among acres of olive, pistachio, almond and fruit trees.

First, we drink in the sumptuous beauty of the gardens over an al fresco lunch with ingredients foraged from the proper, of course.

After our picnic, we’ll dive deep into the Valley of the Temples, a UNESCO World Heritage Site; as we learn all about these 5th-century structures and their pivotal role in Sicilian history, we’ll take some time to independently reflect on the grandeur of these monuments.

After a rich day of immersion, we quite literally walk over to our stunning 5-star sanctuary in which is located within the heritage site—it’s a place like no other in Italy, and we’ll take the evening on our own to soak it all in.

Day 6: Valley of the Temples Highlights

  • Transfer to Agrigento
  • Picnic lunch
  • Valley of the Temples Visit
  • Stay at Villa Athena

Day 7: Agrigento

Today is a day of surprise and intrigue—first, at a tranquil estate just down the road, we’ll explore the ancient grains of the region by foraging and then making our own lunch.

After this collaborative triumph, a sweet reward awaits back in Agrigento. We’ll be honored guests at Monastero di Santo Spirito, where we’ll be treated to their famous pastries while touring the grounds and learning about their everyday routines.

Feeling inspired and sated, we’ll move on down the road a spell to iconic Palermo.Once we arrive to our hotel—one recently named to the Gold List by Conde Nast Traveler—we’ll take some time to ground ourselves in the tableau before us. As evening comes on, we’ll reconvene for a fresh-off-the-Tyrrhenian dinner we won’t soon forget.

Day 7: Agrigento Highlights

  • Ancient grain cooking experience
  • Monastery visit
  • Transfer to Palermo
  • Stay at Villa Igiea

Day 8: Palermo

There’s no better introduction to freewheeling Palermo than the colorful Capo market; we’ll wander the stalls, listening to the singsong calls of vendors and inhaling an intoxicating swirl of aromas: the sharp tang of Sicilian citrus fruits, fragrant sesame-seed loaves pulled from a wood-fired oven, savory arancini (fried rice balls) and thick slices of sfincione topped with sweet tomato sauce.

After a whirlwind of activity, we’ll leave the market behind and focus on the rest of this incredible city. Palermo, the former capital of the Kingdom of Sicily, is one of the most dynamic cities in the Mediterranean. We’ll literally wade through history as we marvel at the stunning mosaics of Palazzo dei Normanni, and stand in awe at the neoclassical Teatro Massimo, while making time to take in the salty air and admire the sea.

You’ll have the evening on your own to explore magical Palermo. See you in the morning for a truly special excursion with Anthony. 

Day 8: Palermo Highlights

  • Foodie tour
  • Palermo city tour
  • Dinner on your own
  • Stay at Villa Igiea

Day 9: Palermo

This morning we head to Poggioreale, a nearby village that stands frozen in time. When an earthquake hit the town in 1968, the majority of its residents fled, leaving in their wake the crumbling towers and moss-covered homes that we’ll wind through today. It’s a surreal landscape—one that’s been harkened to a modern-day Pompeii—and alongside Anthony and one of his closest relatives we’ll uncover the secrets behind this captivating ghost town. 

Back at the hotel, nestle up to the bar for a late afternoon spritz, or grab an espresso to savor on the patio. We won’t meet up again until our farewell dinner tonight, and trust us on this one, it’s one for the books. We won’t spill too many details, but don’t be surprised if it entails copious amounts of wine and a deluge of heartfelt toasts.

Day 9: Palermo Highlights

  • Poggioreale visit
  • Farewell dinner
  • Stay at Villa Igiea

Day 10: Palermo

Arrivederci Sicilia! We’re off this morning after ten immersive days of adventure and culinary adventure. After breakfast we’ll say ciao to Anthony and to each other, knowing the memory of our adventure together will live in our hearts forever! We’ll organize a group transfer to Palermo’s PMO airport for flights to mainland Italy and beyond.

Day 10: Palermo Highlights

  • Breakfast
  • Transfer to Palermo's PMO airport

Where We Sleep

Beautifully curated accommodations—we’ll relax under the gaze of a volcano in Sicily and feel like we’re part of the vibrant story of Rome.

Sina Bernini


The Sina Bernini Bristol has long been esteemed as a symbol of opulent hospitality in the Eternal City for over 140 years. Nestled in the core of Baroque Rome, amidst Italian fashion and La Dolce Vita, it proudly stands as the sole 5-star luxury hotel on Piazza Barberini, a picturesque square mere steps away from the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain.

Monaci delle Terre Nere

Zafferana Etnea

This exquisite boutique hotel is perched high on the eastern skirts of Mt Etna, forged out of an old palmento (wine estate) lovingly restored to traditional splendor, down to its chestnut flooring and lava-stone walls. The property boasts its own 15-acre winery, and its in-house restaurant draws heavily from the gardens. This is rustic living at its finest.

Villa Athena


Villa Athena stands as the sole 5-star hotel within the Archaeological Park of the Valley of the Temples, a UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site. Just 200 meters from the Temple of Concordia, an exquisite example of Doric art from the 5th century B.C., Villa Athena has witnessed the harmonious coexistence of nature, art, and beauty for over 2,500 years in the divine surroundings.

Villa Igiea


This immaculately restored palazzo is a fever dream of turrets, colonnades and classical statues, spilling out onto terraces overlooking the sparkling Tyrrhenian sea. For more than a century the Belle Epoque property has attracted A-List celebrities; today, after a top-to-bottom remodel by renowned interior designer Olga Polizzi, there’s nowhere grander on the entire island.

Everything was done superbly.
Kelly S.
I was blown away by how flawlessly Modern Adventure fulfilled and exceeded my expectations.
Josh S.
I loved the warmth, sincerity and caring of the Modern Adventure team.
Bob Z.

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