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The ultimate culinary, cultural & wildlife adventure in India with chef Nina Compton

October 16 - 27, 2020

One exclusive departure with chef Nina Compton

12 Days, 11 Nights

Best ofNew Delhi, Jodhpur, Chanod, Udaipur, Mumbai, Jamtara

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A morning breeze gently rustles the thick jungle outside your tent. Just yesterday, you were exploring a mega-city of 18 million people, a sensory onslaught in all the best ways. Before that, it was craft cocktails at a floating palace, navigating India’s most colorful bazaars, eating all the tastiest street foods. Now, it’s time to hop in your private Jeep for a safari drive through the bamboo thickets and banyan trees. Everything you’ve experienced so far on your journey puts right now in perspective. This is the India adventure you’ve been waiting for.

Your companion on this incredible 12-day journey is chef Nina Compton. She’s the force behind New Orleans’ Compère Lapin, a James Beard award winner, and one of the most innovative names in the business. Nina’s on a mission to explore the influence of India on her native Caribbean. From curry spices to culture, textiles to architecture, we’re excited to learn—and taste—along with her.

If your idea of the perfect vacation means traversing India from its kinetic hubs to its tranquil jungle outposts—this trip is for you. We’ll explore Old Delhi by rickshaw, the desert jewel of Jodhpur in Rajasthan, a literal floating palace in Udaipur, the back alleys and beaches of Mumbai. We’ll meet local artists and traditional craftspeople. We’ll eat in humble family homes and at some India’s swankiest modern kitchens. And we’ll relax at a remote jungle camp for a true Indian safari experience. Prepare yourself for twelve days that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.


Traditional Indian flavors, hands-on cooking classes, meals prepared in family homes


Ancient temples, bustling bazaars, audacious megacities and quiet rural villages


Delhi and Mumbai, the desert strongholds of Rajasthan, the majestic wildlife of Jamtara


With Nina and India—with artists and local chefs, with ancient cultures and traditions

3 Reasons to Travel with Nina Compton

Nina Compton, chef/owner of Compère Lapin in New Orleans, takes inspiration from the Caribbean comfort food of her native St Lucia, prepared with the technical mastery of Italian cuisine she honed in the kitchens of Daniel Boulud and Norman Van Aken. Nina's odes to creole cooking have earned her national attention: a stint on “Top Chef”, Food & Wine’s Best New Chef in 2017, a coveted James Beard Award in 2018. Nina is a force of nature, brave and bold, always searching for inspiration.

Full of Life

If you live in the Big Easy, you generally know how to have a good time. Nina's optimism and sense of adventure is matched only by her sense of humor.

Global Influences

Nina was born in St Lucia and moved to New Orleans to open Compère Lapin. She immediately fell in love with the city's mashup of cultures, tastes and global influence in one crazy package.

Origin Stories

Nina’s passionate about exploring the influence of India on the Caribbean. “Curry came to the Caribbean by way of Indian laborers in the 1800s. I want to focus on my roots and heritage, and see how they've been influenced by the traditions of India.”

Your Experience

“I’m excited to have an authentic Indian experience because it really is part of my own culture.”
Nina Compton

October 16 - 27, 2020
New Delhi, Jodhpur, Chanod, Udaipur, Mumbai, Jamtara

“People in New Orleans always say the best kind of meal is in someone’s home. Having that in India is going to be so special.”
Nina Compton

Day by Day

Day 1

Welcome to India, vibrant, chaotic and kinetic! New Delhi is the perfect place to start, with a rickshaw riding through bustling Old Delhi. It’s a 300-year-old walled city packed with street food, bazaars and artisans. It’s also home to Jama Masjid; this Mughal architectural opus is one of India’s largest and most awe-inspiring mosques, a masterpiece of red sandstone and marble. From here, we explore Chandani Chowk, one of Asia’s oldest and busiest markets. Lunch here will be a moving feast of regional delicacies, and we’ll try it all.

In the evening we’ll regroup for a celebratory feast at a favorite local spot in Khan Market, squeezed in between a dizzying array of artisan stalls and eclectic shops.

Day 1 Highlights

Old Delhi market tour

Welcome dinner at Bukhara

Stay at Taj Ambassador in New Delhi

Day 2

Today catch a short flight to Jodhpur, in the great golden expanse of Rajasthan known as the Thar Desert. Jodhpur was the former capital of the mighty Kingdom of Marwar; today its iconic palaces, forts and temples are set upon the hillside of this stark, hauntingly beautiful landscape. After settling in we’ll head out for Old Jodhpur, its pastel-blue houses flanking lanes and alleys chock full of bicycles, motorcycles and rickshaws—a colorful beacon in the heart of sun-soaked desert. We’ll see the grain and bamboo markets, spice sellers, and artisans crafting garments and jewelry. Each shop has provides its own unique insight into Rajasthani life.

Dinner tonight is a treat: an alfresco meal at Darikhana with ingredients plucked from the chef’s own garden, Jodhpur’s illuminated fort above, a candlelit courtyard below.

Day 2 Highlights

Fly from New Delhi to Jodhpur

Sightseeing and heritage walk of old Jodhpur

Alfresco dinner at Darikhana

Stay at RAAS Jodhpur in Jodhpur

Day 3

Jodhpur’s iconic Mehrangarh Fort is one of India’s oldest forts and sits 500 feet above everything else in sight. We’ll visit on foot, take in the nearby Jaswant Thada memorial, and spend a few hours sampling street food, checking out artisanal shops and tapping into the pulse of this unique city. 

Tonight, we’re invited to the home of a local family for an authentic homestyle dinner unlike any other. In their Old Jodhpur home, our hosts will prepare a typical Rajasthani meal, teaching us about the traditions and ingredients each step of they way. Afterwards, we’ll head up to the rooftop and enjoy the setting sun washing over Jodhpur’s pastel blue buildings.

Day 3 Highlights

Tour Mehrangarh Fort and Jaswant Thada

Jodhpur walking tour and lunch

Authentic Indian meal with local family

Stay at RAAS Jodhpur in Jodhpur

Day 4

Today we’re heading deeper south into Rajasthan, to Chanod, where our opulent 300-year-old palace awaits. Chanoud Garh is resplendent, nothing short of breathtaking and meticulously ornate. We’ll be led into the lush gardens for a welcome drink before lunch: a guided tour of traditional, local delicacies hosted in a vibrant hand-painted room. Everything here is about the small details. 

Lunch serves as a primer for this evening, when we reconvene after settling in like royalty. We meet at an old wing of the palace for a hands-on introduction to our hosts’ favorite dishes. A family member will teach us how to prepare—really, how to unlock the secrets of—coveted house recipes. This is India at its most hospitable, flavorful and artful.

Day 4 Highlights

Transfer from Jodhpur to Chanod

Traditional welcome ceremony and lunch

Authentic Indian cooking demonstration

Stay at Chanoud Garh in Chanod

Day 5

We’ve stayed at the palace. Now let’s get deeper into the royal roots of Chanod with a walk around  Chanod Talao lake, led by a local expert and punctuated by visits to the village school and market, and the royal family’s cenotaphs and vegetable gardens. It’s the perfect introduction to the village way of life, topped off with a Jeep safari out in the countryside. We’ll roam the ancient Aravalli hills past herders with their flocks of goats and sheep, and local villagers going about their days.

Dinner tonight is inspired by Nina and her love of Caribbean spices, by way of their Indian roots. We’ll feast in Mor Chowk, named after our palace’s oldest residents, the peacocks. As we dine, we’ll stay warm by a bonfire and marvel at the fact our India adventure has only just started!

Day 5 Highlights

Walking tour of Chanod with local expert

Jeep ride through the countryside

Dinner inspired by Nina in artisanal village restaurant

Stay at Chanoud Garh in Chanod

Day 6

Today is full of palatial perfection. We drive to Devigarh Palace, an 18-century heritage hotel in the village of Delwara. We’ll have a panoramic vantage of the emerald valley hewn by the vast mountain range. Our day’s midpoint features lunch harvested steps away at the palace onsite garden. Then it’s off to the true show-stopper of the day: Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur.

It’s not by the lake, or even at the shore—this stunning 65-room retreat was built in the middle of the lake, like the lair of a supervillain with serious style. We’ll kick back like kings and queens at our island escape for the evening—enjoying the spa, a craft cocktail and regional dishes favored by Indian royalty, or simply admiring the views.

Day 6 Highlights

Transfer from Chanod to Devigarh Palace

Traditional-style lunch with panoramic views

Transfer from Devigarh to Udaipur

Day 7

This morning, we head into Udaipur. Known as the “City of Lakes,” it’s been romanticized through the ages for its rich cultural legacies and sparkling bucolic scenery. We’ll get a look into the lives of ancient Udaipur royalty at the City Palace complex, with towering marble and granite walls, ornate glass works and intricate paintings. We’ll also explore Jagdish Temple, a stair-stepped, 16-century stone masterpiece, and the city’s old quarters meeting local artists and craftspeople.

In the afternoon we’ll take a short flight to coastal Mumbai (formerly Bombay). Prepare yourself for an unforgettable welcome dinner at Masala Library. Dubbed the “Czar of Indian Cuisine” and “Tastemaker to the Nation,” Chef Jiggs Kalra will take us on a gastronomic journey of Indian cuisine, from centuries-old traditions to the most modern techniques. It’s a vision of Indian cuisine unlike any other, showcasing decades of research, swaths of India’s diverse geography and robust flavors highlighted through molecular gastronomy. Simply put, this will be astoundingly delicious.

Day 7 Highlights

Tour old quarters and royal sights of Udaipur

Flight from Udaipur to Mumbai

Unforgettable meal at Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra

Stay at Trident Narimen Point in Mumbai

Day 8

In a city of 18 million people, Mumbai is home to everything you know but on a colossal level. From the intricate rail system that acts as the lifeblood of the city, to the legendary Bollywood film industry, Mumbai is a sensory onslaught in all the best ways. First up, we visit the Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, an historic train station and UNESCO world heritage site—and the literal busiest railway station in the world! Next, we see a different kind of efficiency at Dhobi Ghat, an open-air laundromat where, for up to 20 hours a day, local dhobis (washers) scrub, soak and clean linens from around the city.

We’ll then slow down and stop for lunch at a local Mumbai favorite before heading to Khotachiwadi, an 18th-century Portuguese hamlet untouched by time. We’ll stroll down quaint narrow lanes, past colorful cottages with curved roofs and spacious verandas. Dinner tonight is served oceanside at Trishna; we’ll enjoy outstanding fresh seafood and take it easy after an energetic day.

Day 8 Highlights

See the Mumbai Dabbawalas

Tour Shivaji Maharaj Terminus train station

Tour Khotachiwadi neighborhood

Stay at Trident Narimen Point in Mumbai

Day 9

Today, we trade the Mumbai bustle for quiet countryside. We fly east from Mumbai to Nagpur, then drive to Jamtara Wilderness Camp at the edge of pristine Pench National Park. A true sanctuary, Jamtara was founded in deference to nature and India’s national animal: the tiger. Now in the second generation of the founding family, this luxurious jungle retreat is as peaceful as it is beautiful.

After lunch, we’ll visit the nearby village of Jamtara, a rural getaway that feels lost somewhere in the bucolic 19th century. Dinner tonight showcases India in all its glory: Nina and our camp’s chef will prepare a feast under the stars for us, highlighting rustic Indian flavors and spices. Cozy up by the fire, and revel in the joy and warmth of Nina and this amazing group of people.

Day 9 Highlights

Fly from Mumbai to Nagpur, drive to Jamtara

Tour the village of Jamtara

Feast at Wilderness Camp inspired by Nina

Stay at Jamtara Wilderness Camp

Day 10

We wake in our private tents to the jungle breeze and the soft swaying of Arjuna trees. It’s time for adventure! After breakfast we saddle up in Jeeps for the Indian safari experience we’ve been waiting for. Guided by Jamtara’s resident naturalists, we’ll ride through the preserve in search of monkeys, eagles, osprey, hawks, gaur herds, deer, wild boar—and above all, the elusive Bengal tiger. Our host family’s commitment to tiger conservation is unparalleled. Manager Amit Sankhala’s grandfather was a famous early conservationist, and the family’s multi-generational efforts are a large part of the reason we may be able to spot one of the 55 tigers that call the national park home.

Dinner tonight is prepared by our on-site chef, well-versed in everything from campfire pizza to laal mass (a spicy Rajasthani favorite) to South Indian udupi dosa (vegetable and rice medley). We’ll kick back, swap wildlife stories and enjoy our company in the greatest outdoors.

Day 10 Highlights

Jeep safari and wilderness exploration

Dinner at Jamtara Wilderness Camp

Stay at Jamtara Wilderness Camp

Day 11

We’re heading back out into Pench National Park today. It was declared a sanctuary in 1965 and served as the setting of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book. Coated in teak, tall grasses, banyan roots and white kulu or “ghost trees,” it’s a journey through another planet. Even if we didn’t see a single animal there would be endless sights to behold. But don’t worry, we’ll see plenty! Back at camp tonight, our chef will prepare a special farewell feast, and we’ll toast to a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience on these sacred lands.

Day 11 Highlights

Jeep safari and wilderness exploration

Dinner at Jamtara Wilderness Camp

Stay at Jamtara Wilderness Camp

Day 12

We’ll sleep in this morning and soak in the last bits of our jungle getaway, before heading back to the airport in Nagpur and on to New Delhi. We’ve literally come full circle, our travels through India, urban and rural, picking up where we started. Our dinner is one last delicious Indian meal, one last time to reminisce and a final farewell to our traveling companions. This will be an experience we share for the rest of our lives.

Day 12 Highlights

Transfer to Nagpur, fly to New Delhi

Dinner at The Great Kebab Factory

Stay at Blue Plaza in New Delhi

Thank you.

Where We Sleep

Prepare for high style and grandeur in some of India's most stunning locations—from city to desert, coast to jungle

Taj Ambassador

New Delhi

A modern spin on colonial design, with spacious rooms overlooking the city. The iconic greenery of the Lodhi Gardens peeks out from just down the road, and astounding architectural sites—from mosques to mausoleums to skyscrapers—vie for your attention in every direction.

RAAS Jodhpur


It's the city’s first boutique hotel, with a distinctive look blending historical grandeur with modern comfort. It's clean and geometric, with all the right hints of old-world detail paying homage to Jodphur’s Walled City. A courtyard dinner with views of a spectacular 15th-century fortress? You simply can’t go wrong here.

Chanoud Garh


This 300-year-old palace is the epitome of imperial grandeur. The entire property has been painstakingly restored to its Raj-era glory, with exuberant suites washed in the brightest blues and pinks. It's one of the most sought-after heritage Indian retreats, with all the modern comforts you'd expect.

Taj Lake Palace


This hotel—built on an island in the 18th century by a young prince with lavish tastes—is exquisite in every way. It's five-star luxury with all the amenities, whether you're looking for a spa treatment or an evening cocktail with an incomparable view.

Trident Narimen Point


We're staying oceanside in Mumbai, in a sleek 35-story tower with panoramic views. The hotel is an iconic Mumbai landmark and a luxurious escape from the bustling city.

Jamtara Wilderness Camp


It's our own luxury wilderness camp surrounded by Arjuna and Banyan trees. Sleep in one of 10 luxury tented rooms overlooking the jungle, each artfully designed and distinctly modern, with private bathrooms. It's the perfect mix of high-end comfort with a front-row view of nature.

Blu Plaza

New Delhi

Back in New Delhi, we’ll have an easy reentry into energetic urbanity. Relax in beautifully appointed rooms, stroll through the lush gardens, or take a swim. Blu Plaza caps off our trip effortlessly.

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