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Oaxaca with Modern Adventure

oaxaca is a gift

“I’d had Oaxacan food before, but few restaurants served meals like this, 'celebration food' worth the effort only for births and weddings. And, apparently, for Modern Adventure. We fell quiet as we ate, too delighted to speak.”
—Lila Harron Battis in TRAVEL + LEISURE

Oaxaca with Enrique Sanchez

Sept 26 – Oct 1, 2022

Want to explore the heart and soul of Mexico—and sip the tastiest mezcals along the way? This trip is for you. Get ready to meet artisans whose generations-old techniques define Oaxaca’s vibrant feel. We’ll prep our own farm-to-table lunch and eat the best street foods, and drink mezcal from the source alongside San Francisco’s revered mixologist (and mezcal lover), Enrique Sanchez.

The Peruvian-turned-Californian has put his stamp on the Bay Area, traveling regularly to Oaxaca in search of the perfect mezcal concoctions.

Oaxaca with Enrique Sanchez

Day of the Dead in Oaxaca

Oct 27 – Nov 3, 2022 | Sold Out – Join the Waitlist

Music, laughing and rejoicing ring out in the cacophony of celebration that is Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead). You’ve prepped for this parade, learning about traditions from local families and artists, decorating ofrendas (altars) in private homes and family cemeteries. You’ve been the guest of honor and feasted on delicious foods, tasted the finest mezcals, communed with the history of a holiday bigger and bolder than Christmas around here. And you’re in the one place that does it best in all of Mexico: Oaxaca.

This is Mexico with unparalleled access into family homes for the chance to experience Day of the Dead like a true insider.

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Oaxaca with Stephen Jones

January 9 – 14, 2023

Savor the flavors of this iconic food city: rich mole sauces, spiced chocolate and street tacos, at award-winning kitchens and local street stands. We travel with Chef Stephen Jones, this year’s James Beard “Outstanding Chef Southwest” and owner of Phoenix’s The Larder + The Delta.

Stephen is as much an acclaimed chef as he is a preservationist, someone who honors the roots of indigenous communities through their traditional dishes. His insatiable appetite for culinary history extends deep into Oaxaca. It’s a beautiful stage for him—to showcase how deeply connected our ideas of Mexican food and drink are to this region, and to savor the culture and craft that make Oaxaca such a special place.

Oaxaca with Stephen Jones

Oaxaca with Suzanne Tracht

February 19 – 25, 2023

Suzanne Tracht is the multi-award winning chef and culinary force behind LA’s iconic chophouse, Jar. She’s appeared on Top Chef Masters and Hell’s Kitchen, and is recognized among the leading female chefs in the United States. She’s also one of the most philanthropic-minded humans in the City of Angels and, despite all the accolades, is down-to-earth and ready for adventure. Culture and art, craft and design, a thousand years of culinary traditions—Suzanne is ready to experience it all with us in Oaxaca.

Oaxaca with Suzanne Tracht

Oaxaca with Doug Adams & Whitney Burnside

March 5 – 11, 2023

Doug Adams and Whitney Burnside and a dynamic chef-brewmaster duo. When it comes to real-deal barbecue, Doug’s ready to show off what landed him coveted spots in Portland kitchens such as Bullard, Imperial and The Woodsman Tavern — and as a semifinalist on Top Chef. Meanwhile, leave the libations to Whitney: she was named a Top 40 Under 40 tastemaker by Wine Enthusiast, not to mention she’s the first female brewmaster at Portland’s iconic 10 Barrel Brewing.

If you travel to stimulate all of your sense with incredible Oaxacan craft brews, this trip is for you.

Oaxaca with Doug & Whitney

Oaxaca with Diego Galicia & Rico Torres

May 21 – 27, 2023

Chefs Diego Galicia and Rico Torres and the culinary masterminds behind San Antonio’s Mixtli—it means ‘cloud’ in Nahuatl—with a rotating menu that highlights each of Mexico’s 32 states. They’ve dedicated themselves to researching the flavors of Mexico. The duo are food scholars with a passion for indigenous ingredients and pre-Hispanic cooking techniques.

This is no mere vacation in Mexico⁠—it’s a six-day discovery of one of the world’s most delicious destinations. It’s also Rico and Diego’s second Modern Adventure; our first trip with them to the Yucatán was simply incredible. We are deeply honored to explore and celebrate the beauty of Mexico once again with Rico and Diego.

Oaxaca with Diego & Rico