Live well. Do good.

Toad&Co's CEO has learned a lot about living a good life through travel.

words to live by

Gordon Seabury's mottos? At home: Live life to the fullest.
At work: Don’t flinch.

Gordon Seabury is CEO of Toad&Co, totally unpretentious and unflinchingly optimistic. He’s helping the company become a true leader in socially responsible business. He’s proud that Toad&Co has signed petitions to support carbon caps, reduce fossil fuels and keep public lands public. He’s also proud of his team’s commitment to volunteering, supporting local non-profits, and creating opportunities for adults with disabilities.

Toad&Co got its start in 1991, making hand-knit hats out of a garage in Telluride, Colorado. Since then it’s settled in the mountains of Santa Barbara, California, headquartered in a former college library with Pacific Ocean views and easy access to hiking trails.

Culture and mission mean a lot at Toad. They’re not in the business of making clothes – they’re in the business of change. They aim to clean up a dirty apparel industry, educate people on sustainable practices, and inspire folks to live their fullest lives. They’re a bunch of dreamers and mountain movers, preaching the gospel of sustainability and spontaneity – because every day is an adventure.

Gordon is proud that travel for good is now fully part of the Toad&Co experience. Travel broadens horizons. Inspiring customers to travel just builds on the company’s current mission of being social leaders and good environmental citizens.

6 Questions with Gordon


Why does travel matter?

It matters in so many ways. It broadens your horizons and introduces you to new cultures and new places around the world. And it prepares you for life. Life is all about experiences. Travel is one of the best ways to always have something new coming at you every day.


How has travel shaped who you are?

I've been fortunate enough to travel my whole life. When I was younger I created two breaks to that I could travel and discover. I traveled around with my tent and mountain bike, sleeping in national parks, bumming around with friends. I spent 4 months on road seeing the best parts of North America's wild places. A few years later I did a trip around the world, opening my eyes to every continent.


What do you like most about your job at Toad&Co?

It is a wonderful life when you get up most mornings excited about the work day in front of you both because you can make a difference and you know you will learn something new. No two days are the same, which keeps things very interesting. Building a company that’s mission is to inspire people to live their fullest lives and working toward that end, alongside our amazing and dedicated team of Toads, make for a pretty spectacular 'job.'


What is sustainability so important at Toad&Co?

It's all about lifetime impact, and you can't have a lifetime impact unless you're sustainable on the business side. We aim to clean up a dirty apparel industry, educate people on sustainable practices, and inspire folks to live their fullest lives.


What excites you the most about these new Toad&Co travel adventures?

They are so exciting because they are exactly what we embody at Toad. 'Every day is an adventure' has been our tagline and ethos from the very beginning. Now we have the opportunity to share our views on the perfect blends of outdoor adventure and activity, cultural adventure and immersion, the joys of experiencing new places, building memories and relationships with the people you're with. It's so much fun to think about sharing all of this with our customers and our team. We're opening a whole new chapter with these travel experiences.


Where have you traveled recently?

Most recently, my wife and I met up with our daughters, one in Spain and one in Italy. We were the veteran travelers, able to teach our kids the beauty and joy of what travel can be.