Multnomah Whiskey Library

MWL Travel expertly curates immersive experiences built to sip and savor the world around us

The Reason

Go beyond the Library. Our expertly curated experiences give you the opportunity to connect with the world’s premier distilleries and learn from the best. Let’s change our perspective and create lasting connections in new places. We’ll travel to the source. Then cheers to it.

People + Places

Mexico for Every Sense

Savor traditional Oaxaca cuisine: rich mole sauces, spiced chocolate, the best street tacos—even toasted grasshoppers!

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Craft Bourbon Done Right

Get an exclusive private tasting at Louisville's favorite craft distiller, Justin’s House of Bourbon.

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The Spirit of Oaxaca

Learn the process of Oaxaca's famed export, mezcal, with a visit to local agave farm with a fourth-generation mezcalero.

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Off to the Races

Cheer on your pony over dinner and drinks at Churchill Downs, Louisville icon and famed home of the Kentucky Derby. Don't forget your hats!

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Louisville's Best Restaurants

Dine at James Beard finalist Edward Lee's Magnolia 610. Famed for its specialty Asian-inspired Southern cooking, we'll eat epically over multiple bourbon-paired courses.

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Agave For Everybody

Mezcal is made from over 30 agave subspecies, which makes for plenty of tasting variety in Oaxaca, from tobalá, the "King of Mezcals" to chocolatey and floral arroqueño. You can't go wrong!

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Mezcal Journey

Discover the hero’s journey of mezcal: agave farms, a fourth-generation mezcalero, Oaxaca City's hippest mezcalerias.

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Lexington Luxury

Stay at 21c, a one-of-a-kind art hotel in downtown Lexington mixing hospitality and cutting-edge art in the glorious, historic Fayette National Bank Building.

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Grab a Drink and Stay Awhile

Right on Louisville's legendary Whiskey Row, Hotel Distil features a ground floor steakhouse and upstairs whiskey bar that looks out of a movie.

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The Partner

Our travel partner, Modern Adventure, believes a curious and open world is a happier and healthier one. They encourage this by crafting journeys that invest in experiences, not just getting stuff. This kind of travel is powerful, memorable, joyful and delivers travel’s greatest lesson - that the world is united by much much more than divides it.