FC Travel

FC Travel is a collection of expertly curated experiences to the world's most inspiring destinations. We've rewritten tradition. Let's redefine travel.

The Reason

FC Travel is a collection of expertly curated experiences to the world's most inspiring destinations. Each is designed to broaden your perspective, expand your exploration and connect you to a community the world over. We've rewritten tradition. Let's redefine travel.

People + Places

Oregon Wine Country

Meet winemakers and artisans, feast on local flavors and get acquainted with a community of pioneering wineries. Explore Oregon the wine lover’s way.

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Wide Open Spaces

Gustavus, Alaska, is the gateway to Glacier Bay National Park, a 520,000-acre expanse of glaciers, wilderness, wildlife and unstoppable adventure.

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Day of the Dead

From October 31 through November 2, Oaxaca lights up with Día de los Muertos celebration. Barrios and village come alive and help usher the spirits along on their journey.

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Art & Design

Celebrate the art of good design on a stroll through Lisbon. We'll admire the hand-painted azulejo tiles adorning homes, churches and the city's famous train station.

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Culture & Cuisine

Celebrate Oaxaca's timeless culture at the most electric time of year, and connect with local families who will teach us how to join in the magic.

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Pura Vida

The 1,400-acre Papagayo Peninsula is what GQ calls “Costa Rica’s best-kept secret." We’ll immediately see why, with the dozen or so miles of gorgeous sandy coast to play on.

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Tap Into Alaska

Adventure into the wild heart of southeastern Alaska. We'll hike glaciers, kayak around beautiful islands and drink amazing craft beer literally brewed just for us!

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True Family Adventure

From towering waterfalls to enormous volcanos and lush jungles, Costa Rica has the perfect blend of beauty and adventure. Your family will be talking about this one for years to come!

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On the Water

Jump aboard a flat-bottomed Rabelo boat in Portugal and glide along the Douro River with a glass of Port that's made the region famous.

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The Partner

Our travel partner, Modern Adventure, believes a curious and open world is a happier and healthier one. They encourage this by crafting journeys that invest in experiences—the kind of travel that is powerful, joyful and delivers travel’s greatest lesson, that the world is united by much much more than divides it.