Battery Travel

Expertly curated, immersive experiences built to change how you see the world.

The Reason

We believe the world has a lot to offer beyond our building's walls. Battery Travel is a collection of expertly curated experiences to the world's most extraordinary destinations. Each experience is designed to change how you see the world and to create lasting connections within our community and beyond.

People + Places

Meet Camille Becerra

Camille is not merely a chef – she's a force of nature at the intersection of food, art, and culture. Join our women-only trip with Camille this September in Portugal.

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Alaska: Deep Backcountry

Float planes, bush planes, gourmet backcountry cooking, pristine wilderness, unparalleled wildlife—the Alaska of your dreams.

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LA Art: Weekender Series

Thousands of artists have flocked to LA from the ends of the earth and found their own personal end of the rainbow. And just like them, you’ll never want to leave.

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Live Beautifully

Celebrate the art and culture of Portugal in the company of great women. Eat beautifully. Nourish your creativity. And relax with us in Portugal's finest boutique hotels.

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Art of Oaxaca

Oaxaca’s sense of art is vibrant, ageless – and everywhere. We go to its source in artist home-studios and nearby mountain villages.

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Alaska Adventure

If you want to immerse yourself in wilderness and wildlife, this trip—deep in remote and rarely visited parts of Alaska—is for you!

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Travel Tip

"Pack Extra Underwear." -Michael Birch, Co-founder, The Battery

Oaxaca, Bite by Bite

Read our five must-try spots for dining and drinking in Oaxaca. Warning: You are about to become seriously hungry.

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Why We Travel

“Every year we travel with our kids to an off-the-beaten path destination to explore a social issue. I believe you must see the world to expand your mindset.”- Xochi Birch, Co-founder, The Battery

The Partner

Our travel partner, Modern Adventure, believes a curious and open world is a happier and healthier one. They encourage this by crafting journeys that invest in experiences, not just getting stuff. This kind of travel is powerful, memorable, joyful and delivers travel’s greatest lesson - that the world is united by much much more than divides it.