Peru: Cordillera Huayhuash

Save the Date | Departing Fall 2019

True Wild

This is Peru away from the crowds. Huayhuash is famous for some of the Western Hemisphere’s more challenging alpine treks. Seven peaks break 20,000 feet – and we’ll be tackling more than a few on our adventure.

Peru’s greatest backcountry trekking can’t be found on the famous (and famously crowded) Inca Trail. They’re here, farther north, in a rugged, stunning landscape of Cordillera Huayhuash mountains that are only recently being rediscovered for their natural majesty and isolation. These are big-time, alpine mountain passes in the area made famous by British writer Joe Simpson’s best-selling 1988 book Through the Void.

This eight-day adventure of natural glory means serious fun too. We’ll eat well (very well). Our gear is packed in by mule, including inflatable SUPs and kayaks for some memorable paddle time on the moraine-colored lakes at the foot of towering tropical glaciers. One of our fellow hikers is a local photographer who knows how to really capture majesty of the glaciers, lakes and peaks. He’ll share tips of documenting an experience that will stick with you forever (in the best possible way!).

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