Chile: Aysén Region

Save the Date | Departing Fall 2019

Wild Country

You may not have heard of the Aysén region in southern Chile - it's one of those up-and-coming destinations known to a lucky few. And yet Aysén is one of the world's great trekking areas – vast glaciers, fjords and snow-capped mountains for miles upon miles. Join us, and be among the first to visit the new Patagonia National Park.

This is wild country: a landscape of stunning, sparse, wind-swept gaucho country, where cobalt blue lakes set before lunar-like valleys and jagged glacial peaks. Every inch of it, rugged and mesmerizing. Each day brings new adventure, six to eight hours of hiking, while looking out for pumas, soaring condors and the rare deer-like huemul (Chile’s national animal).

We’ll explore it, step by step and campsite to campsite, on a 12-day trek. We’ll hike up steep switchbacks to reach Cerro Castillo (Castle Mountain), a towering peak capped in snow that offers a more intimate experience than busy cousin to Torres del Paine.

Next we ferry across the milky turquoise waters of Jienimeni Lake to probe deeper into Patagonia National Park, a 10 million-acre brainchild of Doug and Kristin Tompkins (of North Face fame), who invested $345 million to preserve wide expanses of Patagonia. We’ll be among the very first visitors. And every step will feel like it’s all ours. 

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