Alaska: Deep Backcountry

Save the Date | Departing Summer 2019

True Backcountry

Let’s get wild in Alaska. This backcountry expedition reaches rarely seen, truly deep corners of some of Alaska's wildest national parks, where we'll literally blaze new trails.

This is an entirely new seven-day route in Alaska and created – no exaggeration – just for us. We’ll visit backcountry areas in remote Lake Clark and Katmai National Parks that normally don’t take groups, designed by a guide who’s lived here 25 years and has always wanted to do this true wild route with wildlife galore.

These parks are only 90 minutes from Anchorage, but so remote they’re rarely visited. We travel by float plane to go deeper and deeper, away from the crowds, camping and trekking in nature at its most pristine without any signs of human development. Our fine-tuned backcountry menu is award-winning, so we’ll eat well and celebrate each day with a backcountry feast.

Wildlife galore! Katmai National Park is where Alaska locals go to trek and see some of 2,000 resident bears feeding on salmon. We’ll go far beyond, exploring new pockets of its 4 million acres of spruce forests, rushing rivers and rocky gorges.

Bigger than Connecticut (and a national park only since 1980), Lake Clark National Park only sees a few thousand visitors a year, often coming for the paddle paradise of the namesake lake. We’ll see it, then go way back in backcountry, taking in its glaciers, volcanoes, lakes and tundra.

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